100 Masters and Express and Star Collaboration

100 Masters and Express and Star Collaboration

The Express and Star have printed their first article promoting the 100 Masters project and one of our Masters; fashion designer and illustrator Elizabeth Ilsley.

Read the Express and Star 100 Masters article here!

“This is an exciting first, as we have worked in collaboration with the Express and Star, the country’s biggest regional newspaper, to bring artwork into 80,000 households across the West Midlands.” Comments 100 Masters creative producer Liam Smyth.

“The lead artists on 100 Masters, Juneau Projects, have produced special Augmented Reality animations that are triggered by readers viewing the newspaper through their smartphone. This is one of the first non-commercial uses of AR technology in a UK newspaper and an incredible achievement.”

To use, simply download the ‘Layar’ app on your smart device; open the app and let it access the camera on your phone; hold the phone 15-20cm above the anvil image on the front of the postcard and then tap the screen to scan. You won’t believe your eyes as Juneau Project’s beautiful handmade animations dance across the page.

“This is what the future of media looks like and, as ever, the Black Country are leading the way in revolutionising the way we make, see and do things.”

More of Juneau Projects hand-painted animations will be released throughout the campaign.

The 100 Masters project is open to nominations until the end of June.

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