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Prince’s Trust Boosts Access Through New Online Platform

Youth charity The Prince’s Trust is opening up its services to more users by launching a new web-based platform.

Prince’s Trust Online, supported by founding patrons Nominet and NatWest, will allow users to benefit from its programmes even if they can’t attend in person because of where they live, or their personal circumstances. Young people can access The Trust’s programmes online, via their smartphones, tablets and computers.

The platform has launched with a digital version of the Enterprise programme, which helps young people turn their ideas into business reality. Prince’s Trust Online mirrors all parts of the existing Enterprise scheme, with e-learning modules covering everything from business plans to finance and, uniquely, is leading the way by combining online learning with a full e-mentoring service.

All young people will receive the ongoing support of a dedicated e-mentor, allowing The Trust to replicate the quality of their face-to-face programmes, ensuring the same positive outcomes for the young people involved.

Announcing the new platform at London Tech Week’s TechXLR8 event, Russell Haworth, CEO of Nominet said: “Britain needs its talent, wherever they live and whatever circumstances they find themselves in, to have the confidence and support they need to make their mark. Our funding helps The Prince’s Trust extend its programmes to those who, due to other commitments or geography, would otherwise miss out.”

The platform has been road tested by an initial cohort of young people, who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to access support from The Trust and will continue to roll out to full capacity over the coming months.

David Ivell, CIO, The Prince’s Trust said: “With the launch of Prince’s Trust Online we will be able to support more young people than ever and, perhaps most importantly, break down barriers that have previously prevented us reaching those who may have the most to gain from one of our programmes.  Prince’s Trust Online will give anyone, anywhere and in any circumstance, the chance to complete a program at their own speed, but with the full support we pride ourselves on delivering face to face.”

The charity says this is just the start of its online activity, with an Employability programme launching imminently.

Source: Charity Digital News

Microsoft Releases Updates for Older Windows Versions Following Wannacry Attacks

Microsoft has issued a number of security updates for its Windows XP operating system to help users protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

The move has been heralded as good news for those charities still using the older operating system.

Windows XP was targeted by the much-publicised WannaCry ransomware attack last month. At least 75,000 computers in 99 countries were affected by the malware, which encrypts a computer before demanding a ransom and unlocking it.

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP in April 2014, but the software giant is now taking the unprecedented move of including it in the company’s security updates this week.

“In reviewing the updates for this month, some vulnerabilities were identified that pose elevated risk of cyber-attacks by government organisations, sometimes referred to as nation-state actors or other copycat organisations,” Adrienne Hall, head of Microsoft’s Cyber Defense Operations Center, wrote in a blog.

“To address this risk, today we are providing additional security updates along with our regular Update Tuesday service. These security updates are being made available to all customers, including those using older versions of Windows. Due to the elevated risk for destructive cyber-attacks at this time, we made the decision to take this action because applying these updates provides further protection against potential attacks with characteristics similar to WannaCry.”

For more technical information and links to related articles, visit the Microsoft Security Response Center blog.

Source: Charity Digital News


Charities May Have Missed Father’s Day Opportunities

UK charities are missing out on much-needed donations from ethical or alternative gift programmes, by not digitally promoting around key calendar events, according to research conducted by digital media specialist equimedia.

In particular, the research has highlighted that Father’s Day could be used to raise significant awareness amongst donors currently seeking gift inspiration for their Dads.

Despite a 19% increase over two years in the number of Britons purchasing ethical gifts from the charities and Father’s Day fast approaching, equimedia’s keyword analysis of online charity campaigns has shown no significant uplift from charitable organisations promoting their alternative gift services.

Google search trends
equimedia analysed Google search trends around peak annual gifting occasions, which showed significant volume uplifts from searches among people seeking inspiration and ideas for unusual gifts for their loved ones. At the same time, analysis of paid search activity on Google showed charities were not running digital campaigns to capitalise on these occasions to promote their ethical gift programmes.

equimedia investigated a number of paid search alternative gifting keywords, as well as consumer search trends throughout the year for peak gifting occasions such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day. It showed that impending Father’s Day represents a massive opportunity for charities to promote their alternative gift programmes, as well over 33,000 searches are being currently conducted looking for Father’s Day gifts alone – equal to the number of searches for online inspiration for Valentine’s Day. This is only beaten annually by over 60,000 searches for Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Over 19,000 additional searches for ‘Father’s Day presents’ and ‘Father’s Day ideas’ are currently taking place, further adding to the current opportunity for charities to be reaching out and helping these inspiration-seeking gift-givers with unusual gift options for their Dads.

To read the full Charity Digital News click here.

Source: Chairty Digital News

Princes Trust Enterprise Programme

Young people aged 18 – 30 living in the UK, who are unemployed, or working fewer than 16 hours a week can apply for support mentoring and funding to test new business ideas through the Princes Trust’s Enterprise programme.

As a first stage, ‘Will it Work’ grants of up to £250 are available to test business viability. Subsequently, low-interest loans of up to £7,500 can help to turn ideas into reality.

Applications can be submitted at any time.

More information


Masonic Charitable Foundation

Hospices and palliative care services in England and Wales, that receive less than 60% of their funding from the NHS are eligible to apply for grants of between £500 and £5,000 towards the operating costs of hospice services for adults and/or children.

Individual grants are calculated on the basis of the services provided and the number of beds operated by the hospice. Grants are not given towards building costs or to hospices that are not yet operational.

Large Grant
Over £5,000 can be awarded to charities for a specific purpose only.

Reasons to apply for a Large Grant can include funding salary costs, specific project costs and refurbishment costs. New build or large scale capital development projects cannot be considered.

Funding may be granted for up to three years, where there is evidence of an on-going need for funding.

The team will then review your submission at a fortnightly Grants Panel Meeting and get back to you via email to confirm if you have been selected to make a formal application for a Large Grant.

Please note that only one enquiry form can be submitted by a charity, for a single project. If the enquiry application is unsuccessful, subsequent enquiry forms may then be completed.

Small Grant
Between £500 and £5,000 can be awarded to charities for core expenditure such as general running or overhead costs of the charity.

The next deadline for applications is 31st July 2017.

More information at: https://mcf.org.uk/charities/

Trust in charities down

Public trust in UK charitable bodies “to do what is right” has fallen by 18 percentage points since 2015, an international study has found. The PR firm Edelman’s Trust Barometer reveals that public trust in non-governmental organisations fell from 50 per cent in November 2015 to 46 a year later. A subsequent supplementary study carried out between 23 December and 7 January found it had fallen to 32 per cent, Edelman reports.

The studies asked 1,150 people in the UK to rate how much they trusted NGOs, government, business and the media “to do what is right” on a scale of one to nine, with one indicating no trust at all and nine indicating a lot of trust. Trust in other institutions “to do what is right” was also down, with the figure for the media falling from 36 per cent to 24 per cent and the figure for government dropping from 36 per cent to 26 per cent.

The falling numbers are part of a dramatic worldwide fall in public trust in institutions, the study says.

The UK study was part of a wider study of 33,000 people in 28 countries, which found that global trust in NGOs had fallen by two percentage points between November 2015 and November 2016 to 53 per cent.

Trust in NGOs fell in 21 countries and 11 countries rated them as less trustworthy than businesses.

The results run counter to those collated in October by the research company nfpSynergy. It found that public trust in charities had reached the highest level since 2013, with 60 per cent of respondents saying they trusted charities “quite a lot” or a “great deal” – up from a low of 47 per cent in October 2015.

From Thirdsector.co.uk

Macmillan Cancer Support Grants Scheme

The next closing date for the Macmillan Cancer Support Grants scheme is the 4 August 2017. The grants scheme aims to fund individuals and groups that support people affected by cancer or campaign to improve cancer care.

The grants available include:

• Start-up funds of up to £500 to support new self-help and support project for people affected by cancer.

• Development funds of up to £3,000 to support the ongoing activities and development of self-help and support projects for people affected by cancer.

• User involvement grants of up to £3,000 to encourage the involvement of people affected by cancer in the design and improvement of cancer services.

• Individual development grants of up to £500 to enable people affected by cancer to develop their skills and use their cancer experience to help support others affected by cancer.

Applications will be accepted from individuals or groups of people affected by cancer and organisations and professionals working in partnership with people affected by cancer.

More information


Big Give Christmas Challenge

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is now open and will be accepting applications from UK registered charities until the 7 July 2017.

The Christmas Challenge is the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign, helping charities raise funds for their cause. It offers supporters of participating charities the opportunity to have their donation doubled when the campaign goes live on the 28 November 2017.

Since the Big Give launched the campaign in 2008, the Christmas Challenge has raised over £78 million for more than 2,800 charity projects. Charities must have an annual income of at least £25,000, select a project for their Christmas challenge campaign and set a realistic target for their campaign which does not exceed 10% of their previous year’s income. Charities will need to be prepared to secure pledges from key supporters, and to market the campaign to online donors.

More information

The Blakemore Foundation

The Blakemore Foundation, which was set up by A F Blakemore & Son Ltd to support local good causes across the company’s trading area, is marking its centenary with 10 community grants worth £1,917 each.

The aim of the programme is to support the local community and help grow a sustainable business for the next 100 years. Good causes that are located within A F Blakemore’s trading area (please refer to more information for map) can apply for funding for anything that will help them to be sustainable for the long term such as funding towards a new building, specialist equipment, refurbishments or learning programmes.

The closing date for applications is the 28 July 2017.

More information.

Social Investment Business Reach Fund

Charities and Social Enterprises who require support to become ‘investment ready’ can now apply to the £4 million Social Investment Business Reach Fund.

The programme provides grants of between £5,000 and £15,000 to charities and social enterprises operating in England to help them raise social investment. To apply for a grant through the Reach Fund applicants will first need to be working with an ‘Access Point’, these are the approved social investors who will be able to refer organisations to the fund.

For details of ‘Access Points’ please take a look at the Access Point Directory on the Reach Fund website.

There is a rolling deadline, applications can be submitted at any time.

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