2021 Guide to Planning Fundraising Events

2021 Guide to Planning Fundraising Events

With increasing uncertainty regarding fundraising events in 2021, it is more important than ever that organisations consider and plan their future fundraising opportunities properly. Charity Digital News talks you through their guide to digital fundraising as a potential way forward and solution to reducing the gaps being left behind as a consequence of the pandemic here in the UK.

As the pandemic continues to provide charities with ongoing fundraising challenges, it is a timely reminder that charities need to be adaptable and embrace changing technologies which could provide one possible solution to their funding shortfall. Never has it been more important for charitable organisations to consider more flexible approaches to planning fundraising events. The only certainty within their approach is the uncertainty that we all face, which should form an important part of your 2021 event planning.

Suggestions on adapting to the new normal include fully digitalising your activities to hybrid (emerging event arrangement enabling organisers to benefit from the best aspects of both virtual and physical events) or virtual events for more useful hints, tips and suggestions on a possible way forward read their full guide to planning digital fundraising events by clicking here.

Source: Charity Digital News

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