5 Tips for Increasing Customer Retention with Email Marketing

5 Tips for Increasing Customer Retention with Email Marketing

It’s harder than ever to win over new customers, so now is the perfect time to focus on keeping the ones you already have. Email marketers, let’s make customer retention your number one priority.

Even during less challenging times, it can cost up to 16x more to acquire a new customer than retain a current one. Retention consists of many moving pieces, channels, and metrics, but overall it boils down to one main goal: increasing engagement and deepening your customers’ connection to your brand.

Email is your most powerful marketing channel and one of the best ways to strengthen your bonds with customers—and now, when customer acquisition is slowing down, those relationships are more valuable than ever. So let’s run through five top ways you can lean on email to keep customers.

The article takes you through these five tips:

  1. Audit your automated emails
  2. Build your segmentation based on customer activity
  3. When you can’t use email to win their business, use it to win their hearts
  4. Leave on a good note
  5. Think about how to bring lapsed customers back when the time comes

1. Audit your automated emails

Take a look through the copy and tone of your automated messaging to make sure it matches the tone of the current times and speaks to your existing customers. This is also a good time to evaluate your current customer journey and every outgoing campaign through the eyes of an existing customer to see if you can provide any extra support or thoughtful touches via email.

Here are some customer-first examples of emails that could take your nurtures to the next level.

Thank you and appreciation emails

With a thought to over-cluttering inboxes, a well-timed and executed thank you note can go a long way, particularly post purchase. You can also use this opportunity to point out additional resources, highlight support contacts, or offer a discount on the next purchase.

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Source: Litmus blog

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