About SCVO

Services - Communities MatterSandwell Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) is a charitable organisation based in Sandwell which supports Sandwell’s Voluntary and Community Sector, comprised of voluntary-run community groups, charities, not-for-profit businesses, faith communities and social enterprises.

SCVO provides the infrastructure to enable the Sector, its communities and its beneficiaries to have a strong voice and play a leading role in ensuring all residents have access to the support they need and have their say in shaping Sandwell’s future. SCVO also delivers development support to ensure that Sandwell has a strong, healthy and resilient Sector where new and established community activities can flourish.

Our Vision

The lives of people in Sandwell will be happier and healthier where the Voluntary and Community Sector works closely with partners to identify and satisfy community needs.

Our Mission

SCVO will support the Voluntary and Community Sector to grow and develop, and will support the sector to forge strong links with communities and partners.

Our Overarching Aims

  • Bring together local voluntary and community groups to promote and develop the effectiveness of local voluntary action.
  • Raise the quality of and provide a wide range of services, information, advice and support to the voluntary and community sector.
  • Act as a channel for local groups to voice their opinions on local, regional and national issues and policy.
  • Identify real needs and develop services/initiatives to meet these needs.
  • Actively support the development of new and emerging groups and organisations.
  • Contribute to bringing about positive change in Sandwell to achieve sustainable economic regeneration.

Our Values Statement

We will be open and transparent in the way we work, internally and externally, communicating clearly and effectively.

Sandwell is a diverse place, with a wide range of communities of interest, ethnicity and belief. We believe no person or group should suffer oppression or lack of opportunity; our support and services will be accessible to all.

We will focus our organisational efforts on clearly stating our mission and vision, and making this a reality through our work with the Voluntary and Community Sector. We will work proactively to build partnerships and coalitions which help us to do this.

Listening and Innovating
We will listen to the needs and aspirations of all of our stakeholders. We will respond with innovative ways of meeting their aspirations.

We believe that the Voluntary and Community Sector is as professional and capable as any other sector. Our staff and volunteers will embody the highest standards of knowledge, capability and responsibility, and we will equip our staff with the best possible tools, resources and working environment to do this.

We will be positive problem solvers, prepared to share our knowledge and resources to support organisations to achieve shared objectives.

Our overriding priority will be to serve the interests of the Voluntary and Community Sector, and stand up for its independence of action and expression.

Our Strategy Statement

As a local charity committed to the best deal for Sandwell residents, SCVO works across our voluntary and community sector (VCS) to help charitable organisations develop support that makes people’s lives better, offers practical help for those in times of greatest need, and enhances people’s prospects for the future.

SCVO brings a local VCS membership together and works with our strategic partners and our Sector to create an environment where residents and communities have the confidence, capability and support to respond as local needs emerge.

SCVO promotes ways of accessing this support for all, including how organisations can work better together, and champions the potential of our Sector to develop effective home-grown responses to some of Sandwell’s local challenges.

SCVO Current Strategic Aims

1. A strong and responsive Voluntary and Community Sector
Working with VCS providers to develop a sector offer which is as inclusive, effective and environmentally sustainable as possible

2. Enabling access to support for all Sandwell residents
Increasing access to services and activities which help residents to make the best of life

3. Making the most of what Sandwell has
Transforming the quality of life and wellbeing of Sandwell communities by supporting them to use their strengths and assets including people, places, skills and knowledge, resources and diversity

4. A Clear  and Consistent Voice
Grounding partner engagement and strategic decision-making in everyday reality

5. SCVO Fit for the Future
Building a robust, financially sustainable and stable SCVO

Funding Partners

SCVO is grateful for support and funding from a number of different local and national partners.