Assure Covid 19 Temporary Tariff

Assure Covid 19 Temporary Tariff

South Staffs Water has introduced a temporary tariff of the Assure scheme for people affected by the Covid-19 outbreak (to identify this from Assure this is called Covid-19 Assure tariff) and who now find themselves on a low income as a result.

This is a temporary tariff providing a discount of 60% for 3 months and applicants can apply up to and including the 30th June 2020.

The criteria is the same as Assure so the income threshold is £16,380 (plus the dependent child amount and excluding the previous excluded benefits).  As we would normally request 3 months’ salary/benefits to check income level (taking them possibly over the threshold), in view of the current situation if a customer can provide some proof of having been affected financially from the Covid-19 situation and find themselves in the income level bracket presently we will assess them for eligibility of this temporary tariff.

Examples may include:
• a ‘furlough’ letter/email from an employer
• a letter from the HMRC regarding the self-employed income guarantee
• an SSP isolation note

If after the 3 month period the customers find themselves in the same situation they should contact us and we will assess if they should go onto the Assure tariff.

It should be noted that customers who receive a payment break will not be offered the temporary tariff.

Customer Newsletter that can be shared with your customers/clients outlining some of the support we can offer, we will also have a comparison table on our website showing the different help available.  The new tariff will be updated on here in due course.

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