Authenticity and It’s Importance in Virtual Events

Authenticity and It’s Importance in Virtual Events

Charity Digital News discusses the importance of authenticity in the development of virtual events that continue to meet the charity’s aims and brand. Getting this right can engage and encourage supporters whilst making for a more memorable experiences.

2020 has certainly been the year for virtual or hybrid events but with this sudden and significant boom in these type of events how can a charity ensure it maintains its authenticity and connection with its supporters? In their article they discuss the challenges facing organisation to get buy in from supporters that grabs their attention from the start of your marketing campaign. Whilst ensuring it continues to be memorable, compelling and human without the possibility of the more traditional face to face interaction with your charity.

Their suggested marketing tips include:

  • Tying your fundraising activity to your mission,
  • highlighting key statistics,
  • making use of colours, mottos and logos,
  • building two-way communications to support relationships and
  • using stories to set the scene from participants.

To read the full article click here.

Source: Charity Digital News

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