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What the Cost of Living Crisis Means for Giving

The cost of living crisis will affect everyone; research already indicates that the nation sees the crisis on the same level as the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of its impact on our lives.

A round table of leading charity CEO’s, convened by the GOOD agency, revealed that the main concern at the moment is lack of insight. The sector knows that the crisis is going to affect fundraising, but does not yet have any detail on how it will do so, and what the impact will be. In this article Pete Esuola- Grant, strategy director of the GOOD agency, discusses the potential impact of the cost of living crisis on the sector.

The Power of Inclusive Language

Language is one of the most powerful tools that we have; it can be used to influence, to comfort, to connect and to understand. It is a vital part of creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and included – to feel that we “belong” and are valued.

People have been marginalised and discriminated against because of their culture, race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, socioeconomic status, age and more. By using inclusive language we show that we seek to treat all people with respect, dignity and impartiality. Inclusive language is constructed to being everyone into a group and make sure no one is excluded, to enable their voices to be heard and valued, and to be able to contribute to the bigger picture.

In this article Judeline Nicholas, DSC Associate Trainer, discusses how we can learn to use language better.

Top Five Tips for Grants Fundraising

Funding requests have always outnumbered the available grants given out, as charitable need has always exceeded philanthropic supply, so it has always been a “competitive time” out there. Lately things seem to be beyond challenging.

In such an extra-pressurised, extra-competitive situation, what can we do to give ourselves the best chance of winning those hard than ever to secure grants. Follow the link to see fundraising specialist Neela Jane Stansfield’s top tips for grant fundraising.

Cycling for Everyone Free Bike Giveaway – West Midlands

As part of the Cycling for Everyone bike giveaway, The Active Wellbeing Society are bringing 300 free bikes to people in the West Midlands who will especially benefit from having a bike to keep, as well as 25 adapted bikes on a loan basis.

Adult bikes are available for people who live in one of the 21 most deprived council wards across Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton council areas. Adapted bikes are available to anyone living in any ward in those council areas. We know that one of the biggest barriers to cycling is cost, and our work across communities shows that having access to a free bike is an important step in encouraging people to cycle. Please visit the link for further information and to apply.

Running an Effective Board Away Day

Most Board of Trustees have an annual ‘away day’, which in theory is a longer period of time for them to spend together to reflect and review the past and consider the future.

It is rare that Boards can get together for a decent period of time so it is important that it is not wasted. If you have a day together – starting at 9:30 and finishing at 15:30, with a couple of 15 minute breaks and an hour for lunch – it effectively means that you only have about just over 5 hours in total to discuss whatever you want to discuss.

For ideas of how to maximise that time and make sure that your away day is effective please click here for some top tips from Debra Allcock Tyler

Free weekly mixed swim sessions for beginners

Free weekly swimming sessions ideal for those who can’t swim or haven’t been swimming for a while and would like to get back into it under the supervision of a swim teacher who be on hand to offer some coaching points.

These sessions will be held between 15:00 and 15:30 at West Bromwich Leisure Centre, Moor Street, B70 7AZ, and will take place on the following dates:

  • 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th September 2022
  • 6th, 13th, and 20th October 2022
  • 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th November 2022
  • 1st, 8th December 2022

If you wish to attend you need to fill out this register.  If you can please attend 10 minutes before the start time to give yourself plenty of time that would be brilliant, your swim teacher will meet you poolside in the small pool. This is a continued swim course where we will look to help to get confident in the water, to learn to swim and to get new skills.

You will need to bring:

  • swim wear,
  • towel,
  • goggles (optional),
  • drink,
  • charge for parking if driving but you do get this back at reception after your session

When you attend these sessions you will:

  • be trying something new and achieving something great,
  • probably be as nervous as the person next to you, so we’ll make sure we look after you with our friendly, knowledgeable teacher, Gabbie,
  • Meet new people who are all learning together,

If you  have any questions about these session please email francescaoakley@britishtrialthon.org.



Government urged to include charities in energy plan review

Charities have urged the government to consult the sector when it reviews its six-month scheme intended to support businesses, charities and public sector organisations with their energy costs this winter.

Prime Minister Liz Truss has unveiled plans to ensure typical households will pay £2,500 on their energy bills each year until 2024. She also pledged to “support all businesses, charities and public sector organisations with their energy costs this winter – offering an equivalent guarantee for six months”, but did not reveal any further details of the scheme.

To read more about the impact of the energy crisis on the sector, and why the charities feel that they should be involved in the energy plan review please click here

Ofgem is offering help for vulnerable households

£22 million is available to charities and community energy groups supporting households most at risk from cold  homes and high energy bills, or working on innovation and carbon emissions reduction across England, Scotland and Wales.

The grants are available through the Ofgem Industry Voluntary Redress Scheme (Energy Redress Scheme) second funding round of phase two of the scheme. The deadline for applications is 5pm on Thursday 6th October 2022. To find out more about the scheme, and for details of how to apply please click here.

The Recipe for Good Financial Governance

When trustees join a charity board they rarely do so because they want to get involved in  the financial management of the charity; they do so because they are passionate about the organisation, its aims and ambitions. Many of these trustees, therefore, are not confident about their understanding of finance and can’t be expected to have a good financial understanding regarding the running of the charity.

With this in mind, Judith Miller from Sayer Vincent, has looked at some of the challenges around good financial governance, investigated the ingredients of effective financial governance, and provide some tips on how to engage trustees in the charity’s finance. Click here to read the full article.

Charities Act 2022: What You Need to Know

 In August, the Charity Commission introduced some updates to the Charities. Although there have not been any major changes, there are some interesting elements which are investigated in this article.

The 2022 update is focused on four main areas:

  • paying trustees for providing goods for the charity,
  • making moral or ‘ex gratia’ payments from charity funds,
  • fundraising appeals that do not raise enough, or raise too much,
  • power to amend Royal Charters.

Click here to find out more details about these changes

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