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‘Alphabet 12’ – Autism & Employment

Project Aspie is a Birmingham-based organisation that helps people with Asperger’s Syndrome. It launched ‘Alphabet 12’; an interactive and versatile Autism Opportunity Group for people with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism to gain opportunities to live healthy and independent lives within the community.

It is free and is suitable for people who meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 16+
  • Who have Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism
  • Living in Birmingham and West Midlands region
  • Wanting to meet other people with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism

 ‘Alphabet 12’ offers Service Users the chance to explore opportunities that will bring Confidence and Motivation.

On Wednesday, March 22nd there is a Special Session of ‘Alphabet 12’ – focusing on the issue of Autism & Employment. There will be a variety of guest speakers including Auticon – an award-winning IT and compliance consultancy from London, all of whose consultants are on the autism spectrum.

The Special Session of ‘Alphabet 12’ takes place on Wednesday 22nd March 2017 at The Education Space, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery between 2.30 pm till 4.30 pm.

Arrival / Registration takes place 2.20 pm.

The session will be Admission Ticket only and cost of tickets is £15.00, (proceeds will be divided between BMAG and Alphabet Quad activities).

Places may be limited so if you don’t wish to miss this interesting and informative session of ‘Alphabet 12’ please book your tickets now.

Eventbrite link

‘Alphabet 12’ is funded by Big Lottery Fund and is supported by Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.

For more details and information on ‘Alphabet 12’ please feel free to contact Project Aspie on 07802 658150 / 07821548904 or e-mail or

Sharing Data? Don’t Get Caught Out!

Many charities share personal data with other organisations. Often the transfer of data is crucial in providing an effective service to end users. However, getting it wrong can be costly so don’t get caught out when sharing data.

If you intend to share personal or sensitive personal data with a third party, you need to consider the following key issues.

Who are you sharing the data with?

Your obligations will differ depending on who you are sharing data with:

  • Data controller: an individual or organisation who decides the manner and purpose of how the personal data is processed; or
  • Data processor: an individual or organisation who processes personal data on behalf of, and under the instructions of, a data controller.

If you collect personal details from an end user and then refer that individual (along with their personal data) to Charity B so that the individual can get additional support, that is an example of a data controller to data controller transfer.

If you collect personal details from one of your supporters and pass their personal data to a professional fundraising organisation that sends out newsletters on your behalf, that is an example of a data controller to data processor transfer.

How often are you going to be transferring the data?

If you regularly transfer personal data to another data controller, it is good practice to put in place a data sharing protocol setting out how individuals’ personal data will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). This is not a legal requirement, but it is recommended by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). It is also important to ensure that the protocol has been drafted in accordance with the ICO’s statutory Data Sharing Code of Practice, available here.

Where you share personal data with a data processor, it is a legal requirement that there is a written agreement in place. This needs to cover obligations on the data processor to act according to your instructions and comply with the security obligations set out in Principle 7. This can be achieved by adding the requisite data sharing clauses into the service contract or by using a separate legally binding data processing agreement.

Provided by Anthony Collins Solicitors – Read the FULL article HERE


FREE Workshop for Clubs – Club Finances

Do you have a dream for your club but struggle to make progress? Active Black Country is running another free workshop in 2017
 that can help.

Club Finances – Build a firm foundation for your club


WHEN: 21st March 7pm

WHERE: The Deckhouse, Brierley Hill


Are you baffled by balance sheets or afraid of your accounts? This seminar will give you the tools to tackle your clubs finances and help you make better decisions. Get your finances fit for the future.

This workshop covers:

  • Exercises to help you easily review and understand your club accounts
  • Demystifying accounting concepts
  • Ideas to help you improve your clubs finances
  • Methods to help you to communicate your clubs finances effectively

To book your place email Hannah Hofman (at Active Black Country)

Have your say! SCVO’s Third Opinion Poll


National Living Wage…How much will it impact on your delivery?

The Government’s new National Living Wage (NLW) became law on 1st April 2016.

It is paid to workers (full and part-time) who are aged 25 or over and not in the first year of an apprenticeship. Under the new legislation they are legally entitled to at least £7.20 per hour.

Whilst this will give rise a pay rise to 1.3m workers this year (according to the Office for Budget Responsibility), there are also concerns that the financial implications on employers could cost jobs or mean that people are offered a reduction in the hours.

How is this different to the National Minimum Wage?

The technical answer is that the National Minimum Wage (NMW) will remain in place and will be applicable to those under 25, the National Living Wage will be a top-up for workers aged 25 and over.

Historically, the National Minimum Wage (NMW) rate was changed every October. However, the NLW was introduced on a different cycle, changing in April instead. Following a Government review it has been concluded that the rates for ALL workers (both NMW & NLW) should be aligned in April 2017 and the Low Pay Commission will report in autumn 2016 on the level of ALL the rates to apply in April 2017.

For our third website poll we’d like to pose a question regarding the impact of the National Living Wage on your service delivery…

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