Building A Digital Fundraising Stream

Building A Digital Fundraising Stream

Many small charities have asked about how to build effective digital income stream, FSI’s discusses their tips to help your organisations,  whether you are thinking about fundraising through third party sites, email fundraising, social media, virtual events, textgiving or contactless donations. It’s really important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. 

1. Make sure your website is up to date

Think about how you can add stories and news in a visible way. It is relatively easy to make your own video without specialist equipment, post it on YouTube or Vimeo and embed it on your site. Unless your cause prevents it, make sure you put beneficiaries centre stage, telling their own stories and explaining your role in their lives. Do the same with funders and volunteers to inspire others to help.

2. Review what the donate button and process is like on your website

What is the journey for your potential donor – is it easy to donate, do you connect them with the impact of their gift, and does your thank you process effectively engage and warm up your supporters?

3. Publicise your site

Publicise your site and campaigns as widely as possible, including social media, emails and Google Ad grants which you can use to highlight your ‘support us pages’ and the magic donate now page. Google Grants give you up to $10,000 worth per month of free advertising in Google searches. It can put your ads prominently in Google’s search results, and give a big boost to your website traffic.​

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