Can A User-Centric Model Make Up A Funding Shortfall?

Can A User-Centric Model Make Up A Funding Shortfall?

Whilst Charity services are more in-demand than ever, they are faced with an increasing number of fundraising challenges. Using a working backwards methodology can help charities to overcome these challenges by focusing on the needs of their supporters that enables them to re-thinking their engagement and delivery models in order to operate virtually or create hybrid events whilst still meeting the needs of their community.

What is the ‘working backwards’ model?

The concept is a simple one. In a charity environment, all key decisions will be driven by a simple question: what will give us the best opportunity to deliver on our mission?

For organisations that deal directly with service users, beneficiaries or partners, this will mean that any decisions around operations should be made with the aim of delivering services as efficiently as possible.

Charity Digital News talks you through this approach and how you can use it within your own charity to re-think and engage with beneficiaries and access online fundraising opportunities for the organisation. You can read the full article by clicking here.

Source: Charity Digital News

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