Cancer Awareness Event – Sunday, 8th March, Smethwick

Cancer Awareness Event – Sunday, 8th March, Smethwick

The Guru Nanak Gurdwara (Sikh Temple), High Street, Smethwick, will be hosting a Cancer Awareness Event on Sunday, 8 March, 10.30 am to 4.00 pm.

The event is a collaborative initiative between the Sikh Doctors Association and the Gurdwara. The key aim of the event is to raise awareness of cancer (red flags), reduce fear and stigma, improve uptake of national screening programmes and signpost to support available for those living with and beyond cancer.

The CCG is actively supporting this event by facilitating collaboration with Public Health, CRUK and SWBHT teams involved in cancer care. In addition to various national cancer charities, over 20 clinicians who can speak the local languages Punjabi and Hindi as well as English, are confirmed to attend including; local GPs, nurses, CNS’ and secondary care consultants.

There is a plan to provide information on the three national Cancer Screening programme in Punjabi. Discussions are also underway with the Bowel Screening Hub to agree the pathway for how FIT test kits could be requested for patients who previously may be eligible for Bowel screening but have not participated, due to language barriers and not understanding the importance of the screening test.

A separate room will also be available to facilitate a session on breast self-exam.

For more information please call 0121 558 2527 or 0121 555 5926.

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