Communications Capacity Building Tips

Communications Capacity Building Tips

Follow these 10 principles and you are sure to see an improvement in not only your charity’s communications but your financial sustainability as well.

1. Ensure you have a clear mission, succinct messaging and overall objectives (your audience need to understand what it is you are offering).

You should be able to clearly convey your organisational purpose in an ‘elevator pitch’ style delivery – within no more than 30 seconds. It is important to always have a call to action which could be encouraging your target audience to visit your website, or contact a telephone number. This serves two purposes; to make it easy for people to contact you and to ultimately increase your number of supporters.

2. Understand your audience. You need to be able to clearly identify who your audience is – maybe you need to break it down into a primary target audience with other secondary audiences. It is important to frame your message for each audience.

Types of audience can range from your clients, volunteers, partners and stakeholders, as well as potential beneficiaries. Segmentation is key when communicating with and addressing your various audiences. Not only will segmentation allow you to frame and convey the correct messages for your target audience, it will also ensure that you do not saturate your audiences with irrelevant communications.

3. Always plan your communications ahead, ideally with a communications calendar. The calendar should map out all planned communications activity, content themes as well as wider landmarks in the communications calendar (like a specific Volunteer’s Week or an event on your local calendar). It is good to use a combination of social media channels, Facebook and Twitter for a general(and slightly older audience), Instagram and Youtube for a younger audience.

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Source: Media Trust

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