Community Benefits from Covid Funding – are you missing out? 

Community Benefits from Covid Funding – are you missing out? 

Cape Community Centre is a vibrant centre running lots of activities for older adults, parents and toddlers and a youth club amongst other services.  It remained open and provided lots of support throughout the pandemic.

Earlier this year the Centre wanted to make sure that everyone returned to their favourite groups and could meet their friends feeling safe and reduce the risk of infection. They gained some Covid-19 funding and ran sessions for the groups about safe Covid practices and hand washing where everyone was fascinated by using an ultraviolet light to see if any bacteria were left on their hands. This was accompanied by other useful information and a lot of tea and cake or pop and pizza and much laughter.

Over 100 other people from the locality who don’t usually attend the centre also participated in similar events and received a stay safe pack with mask, hand gel and a useful leaflet. These proved very popular. As we know, the healthier you are the better you can fight infection, so another strand of activity was focused on the wellbeing of the older members. They had the opportunity to visit a gym (many for the first time) try machines like walking and cycling as well as bowls and cricket. Some also went swimming.  They now do weekly health check-ins for those who want to participate and keep themselves fit and well.

If you think your community would benefit from some funding to help them return to meet their friends and enjoy activities safely whilst we all learn to live with Covid, please contact either Liz Webster (07923 259821 or Barbara Murphy (07857 913363) to find out more about the Covid-19 funding available.


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