Community Buildings and Lockdown 2020 Experiences – Report

Community Buildings and Lockdown 2020 Experiences – Report

“How many of us had “pandemic” in our risk register?” is the question posed (and answered) in a new report compiled by Community Matters (providing support to the voluntary and community sector across Yorkshire).

‘Community spaces (buildings)’ meet a wide range of needs – from learning opportunities to gardening programmes, from hosting birthday parties to voting in local elections … and everything in between. They are an integral part of our society.

The first lockdown in 2020 hit everyone extremely hard – we were confined to our homes and such ‘community spaces’ were only allowed to open to provide essential support – foodbanks, pre-schooling for the children of emergency workers etc. It is, therefore, no surprise that such ‘spaces’ have felt the significant impact of the lockdown, still are doing and will do for some time to come.

So, how are such ‘spaces’ able to play their part in the post-COVID recovery when they have seen their trading incomes decimated but local needs hugely increased?

The report sets out to look at these issues and you can request your copy by following this link: Community Buildings Report

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