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post - Environment + housing - ParkSandwell Council is considering the introduction of a Community Infrastructure Levy (or CIL) from April 2014. This is a charge on new development which the Council can then use to pay for new infrastructure needed as a result of the new development, for example roads, public transport, open space or health centres.

Later this year, in May/June, the Council will be formally consulting about a “Draft Charging Schedule”, in other words, the amount of money to be charged to developers for different types of development. In some areas of the Borough it is proposed to charge £70 per sq m of new residential development.

The Council also has to make an assessment of what community infrastructure will be needed in future, known as the Infrastructure Development Programme (IDP).

Something of particular interest to community organisations is the fact that a minimum of 15% of CIL income must be spent “on behalf of the community”, and the Council must engage with the local community to agree how this money is spent (further guidance and regulation from central government is awaited).

Further information about consultation will be provided later in the year, together with a link to relevant webpages. In the meantime, if you want further information, contact

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