Community Shares

Community Shares

Pound NotesCommunity shares are a way to raise money to get projects off the ground by offering your community a chance to own shares in your organisation. Community shares can help raise significant funds for community projects.

But community shares are about more than financial investment. Each person who buys shares gets a vote in how your organisation is run. Community ownership means you gain dedicated investors and advocates who want the project to succeed.

Hundreds of community enterprises across the UK, from football clubs, community renewables, pubs and heritage buildings have already raised millions of pounds of investment from community shares.

Running a community share campaign is a bit like a crowdfunding project, so you’ll need access to a group of people who support your idea and put their own money in to make it a reality. That’s why Crowdfunder UK have teamed up with the Community Shares Company to combine their expertise and provide a new way for community groups to create and manage their community share offer.

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