Coronavirus: Creating Content for Fundraising

Coronavirus: Creating Content for Fundraising

How to create the right content to drive your fundraising initiatives.

Emotive, authentic, and real digital content helps charities express their cause and increase digital fundraising. The squeeze on finances and plethora of on-cause donation requests have created a competitive environment where unique content for digital fundraising is a differentiating factor. Creating content tailored for fundraising can motivate new donors, help spread the message, and increase reach through social media.

Charity content as part of a purposeful digital strategy

An integral part of digital strategy, developing, launching, and tracking charity content is instrumental in digital fundraising. Beginning with charity digital strategy, content should be framed around the goals, personality, and distribution channels. Charity Digital’s Content Lead, Aidan Paterson recommends constantly asking the question: “Is this helping me get my message across?” to assess whether content should be part of your overall strategy.

Recently some of the largest fundraisers have used VR and on-trend messaging to create content and have raised nearly £29 million. NHS Charities Together, the health charity representing over 140 NHS has come together to raise the profile of health workers.

Making the most out of an opportunity to save an IRL event, the charity partnered with the Grand National horse race to produce a virtual event, using a random generator to pick a winner. Raising £2.6 million for the NHS Charities Together, the campaign maximised opportunities to engage with people – during lockdown, Forbes magazine has reported a 70% increase in internet use as audiences tune into digital TV and social media. For the health charity, creating VR content specifically for digital fundraising was a huge success.

Source: Charity Digital News

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