Digital Skills Audits – Tools, Capacity and Resources Moving Forward

Digital Skills Audits – Tools, Capacity and Resources Moving Forward

Charities during the pandemic have had to adapt quickly with many volunteers and employees having to learn digital skills as they go. It is therefore essential moving forward that charities undertake a digital skills audit to identify training needs as well as their strengths and weaknesses in improving their digital capabilities.

Charities are rapidly improving their use of digital tools and resources across their organisation, from fundraising to service delivery. But a lack of digital skills is still a major barrier to many charities fulfilling their full potential, according to the latest evidence.

What is a digital skills audit?

A digital skills audit – audits the digital skills within an organisation. Carrying out an audit highlights where there are shortages and uses analysis and evaluation to identify any weaknesses.

Data from the audit can be used to plan training and prioritise areas where digital skills are needed swiftly. A digital skills audit can also highlight strengths that charity leaders did not even know existed within the organisation.

For more information on a digital skills audit and how your organisation might conduct one see Charity Digital News article on the subject by clicking here.

Source: Charity Digital News

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