Donorfy Adds Facility to Manage Facebook and Instagram Fundraising

Donorfy Adds Facility to Manage Facebook and Instagram Fundraising

Donorfy, the cloud-based CRM for fundraisers, now has a function that lets a charity take control and make more of Facebook’s giving and fundraising tools.

Donorfy’s Facebook Giving Tools integration provides tools to import fundraising data from Facebook, so that charities can communicate with their Facebook fundraisers and donors.
Facebook’s giving features have raised over $3 billion worldwide since their launch in 2015 and extended them to UK and Ireland charities in September 2017.

Facebook’s fundraising tools enable both charities and individuals to fundraise. They can place ‘donate’ buttons on their page, posts and videos, and in the case of Instagram they can place ‘donate’ stickers.

Birthday Fundraisers are the most popular use. Facebook users can create them to mark their birthday and invite friends and family to mark the occasion by donating to their chosen charity.

All Facebook fundraising donations are passed in full to the charities by Facebook. It does not charge for the tools.

Donorfy’s Facebook giving tools
Donorfy’s co-founded and CEO Robin Fisk says that “the solution takes minutes to set up”.

Its features include:

  • Easily track and manage Facebook donors, donations, buttons and fundraisers in one place
  • Post encouraging messages on fundraisers’ walls, with links to data entry forms where they can provide more contact info and opt into communications
  • Monitor progress against fundraising goals for fundraisers and buttons
  • Assign donations to campaigns, funds and departments according to the fundraiser or donate button used

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Source: UK Fundraising

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