Emerging From Covid Lockdown

Emerging From Covid Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented organisations (across all sectors) with an unprecedented set of delivery challenges.

In this seminar, we will explore how mindsets may have changed with respect to some key factors in organising the delivery of services by the Voluntary and Community Sector in Sandwell as we emerge from lockdown.

We will explore the experiences being reported (that SCVO has collected during its support activities) and the advanced planning that would be helpful to address the following areas:

1. Finance and funding

e.g. challenges and opportunities for both funders and delivery organisations.

2. New Markets & Needs 

including: emergent needs – what might they be and how can they be approached/delivered in new ways?

3. The changed mindsets on working patterns and using staff resources to meet client needs:

including: working patterns and staff resources (to meet client needs) … what might these look like? What creative opportunities might be presented regarding staff work-life balance? What resilience capability might be needed in order to prepare for any pandemic re-occurrences?

This seminar is FREE to attend and you can book your ticket by visiting our EVENTBRITE page.

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