Expressing Your Fundraising Journey Within Your Annual Report

Expressing Your Fundraising Journey Within Your Annual Report

Recent analysis shows many charities are falling short in the way in which they are communicating their fundraising journey in their annual report, according to Philip Satherley. In The Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s article they discuss what preparation a charity should be considering when explaining their funding journey to supporters, stakeholders and funders, the need to be transparent and why this is an important reporting requirement that needs to be met. 

The Fundraising Regulator to ensure has produced a Guide to support improvements in meeting thee requirements of the Act, which includes information on how to write a clear and detailed statements to ensure the charity is complying with the Act but can still be understood by the public to support increased trust in the sector.

To read the full Chartered Institute of Fundraising article click here.

Source: Chartered Institute of Fundraising


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