Film invitation to the World of Work

Film invitation to the World of Work

Voluntary organisations make a vital contribution to the local economy, and it’s important for young people to understand how the sector operates.

Offering work experience and volunteering opportunities is a great way to engage young people, and now there’s an opportunity to make a film showcasing your organisation’s welcome to youngsters.

Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is running a special event on the LearnLive Channel in June to raise awareness of how volunteering is a great way to develop skills, increase experience of the wider world and support the community.

A spokesperson said: “We have understandably seen a decrease in the amount of young people able to secure work experience opportunities throughout the pandemic. As such, many young people are going to be leaving school without any face-to-face experience of the workplace. Work experience provides a chance for young people to develop employability skills that they can relate to work, use on CVs and in application forms and interviews. It’s also a great way for young people to explore a variety of job roles.”

Short films (no more than six minutes) are invited, with some handy tips for filming here How To Record Yourself Tutorial on Vimeo

The films should focus on topics such as

·        How can volunteering support the development of key employability skills e.g. communication, confidence, problem solving, organisation for young people and/or your staff

·        What volunteering opportunities are available and what’s involved with these?

·        If you’re an employer, why would you be keen to employ someone who can show they have volunteered?

 Find more info at Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership & Jobs | Learn Live | Contact Us Today (

Deadline for content: Friday 8th April 2022

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