Five Steps to Success in Fundraising – Part 2

Five Steps to Success in Fundraising – Part 2

Top tips grafHow did you get on with our previous five top tips? Here are another five top tips designed to help you with your fundraising activities.

Step 6 – write a good application
Write as clear and succinct an application as possible, making as good a case for support as you can.

Step 7 – manage the application process
You need to decide:
• who from your group will contact the funder and how
• whether an application should be put to them right away
• whether a meeting or a visit could usefully be arranged (where you are already known to the funder)

Step 8 – say thank you
Say thank you immediately if you succeed in getting the grant. Make a note of any obligations or restrictions on how you use the grant. Make sure your
organisation sticks to them!

Check if the funders need you to acknowledge the grant e.g. listing them in your annual report, in press releases or in newsletters and if you need to use/display their logo on your leaflets or publicity material.

If you are turned down find out why. Ask if you can meet to discuss your application.  Check if it is possible to reapply. Keep a note of any reasons you are given for being turned down.

Step 9 – keep in touch
Keep in touch with those who are currently supporting you but also with those who could do in the future.

Step 10 – go back
Ask those who have supported you this year to give further support next year. Go back to those who have turned you down if you feel they may be interested in new or future projects.

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