Five Steps to Success in Fundraising

Five Steps to Success in Fundraising

5 top tipsAs a Charity fundraising is your lifeblood, which can be both challenging and rewarding all at the same time. You deeply rely on the success of your fundraising performance to be able to deliver your activities. Detailed below are a number of tips aimed at helping your organisation to be more successful with your fundraising activities.

Step 1 – keep the facts at your fingertips

Make sure that all the information you will need about your organisation and about the project is readily available.

Step 2 – get your organisation known
Get your organisation known to funders, the general public and other groups who can help.

Step 3 – develop grant winning ideas
Some ideas and some projects are so good that they have no difficulty in
being funded. Think about your work, and see if there are ideas or projects
that will more easily win a grant.

Get together with other groups, locally and nationally, to exchange ideas. Keep an eye on what others are doing, keep in touch with local trends.

A good idea:
• sounds fresh and interesting and captures the imagination
• seems obvious, even though no one has thought of it before
• has a catchy title
• fits with current thinking or concerns
• is different and stands out in the crowd
• has aspects which will appeal to several funders
• shows value for money
• adds to existing provision or involves working with other agencies
• has realistic targets
• is achievable

A fundable project is:
• specific – a piece of equipment or an aspect of your work
• important – both to your organisation and to the need it is meeting
• effective – the outcome should be worthwhile and bring a recognisable benefit
• realistic – the project should be achievable
• good value – value for money for the funder
• topical – it should meet current issues and concerns
• relevant – to the funders’ particular areas of interest
• bite-sized – not too large or small for a funder to support although costs may be shared through several small grants

Step 4 – sort out your fundraising strategy
Think about how your organisation is to be funded over the next few years. Is this realistic and what do you need to do to put your organisation’s funding on a secure footing?

Think about how you intend to attract funds for the project now and in the long term.

Step 5 – research and identify likely grant prospects
Match your ideas and projects with the interests and priorities of likely funders, and their levels of grant making to the amount of money you need.

Stay tuned for next weeks e-bulletin for five more tips.

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