FREE Organisation Resilience Webinar

FREE Organisation Resilience Webinar

In NCVO / Zurich webinar they looked at the factors involved in building organisational resilience and how enhancing resilience is an outcome of good business practice and effectively managing risk. You can watch the recording by clicking here.

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability of an organisation to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions, in order to survive and prosper. This year has certainly delivered lots of opportunities for this to be tested.

Webinar Content

The webinar discussed how organisations which demonstrate the following principles have a strong foundation from which to build and then develop, implement and evaluate their resilience:

  • Behaviour aligned to shared vision and purpose
  • Up-to-date understanding of organisation’s context
  • The ability to absorb, adapt and effectively respond to change
  • Good governance and management
  • Diversity of skills, leadership, knowledge and experience
  • Coordination across management disciplines
  • Contributions from technical and scientific areas of expertise
  • Effective risk management
  • Shared risk culture across the organisation

For more information on what the webinar covered click here.

Source: Zurich Municiple

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