Funding available: Supporting People to Recover from Drug and/or Alcohol Misuse

Funding available: Supporting People to Recover from Drug and/or Alcohol Misuse

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council has funding available to local community and voluntary organisations to enable them to support people who are aged 18 and over and who are recovering from drug and/or alcohol misuse.

Recovery from drug and/or alcohol misuse is much more than the reduced use of or abstinence from these substances. It also includes improved health and well-being, building self-esteem, creating new social networks, education, voluntary activities and employment. Local organisations can support this through the provision of innovative non-clinical projects which sit beyond the traditional remit of specialist drug and alcohol misuse services. Activities could include but are not limited to:

– Positive and meaningful activities for people in recovery such as walking groups, sports and creative arts
– The development of a visible and sustainable recovery community
– Promoting social inclusion by engaging the wider community in order to reduce stigma against people who experience drug and/or alcohol problems
– Building self-esteem and supporting people to develop new skills

Applications should seek to meet one or more of the following objectives:
1. Improving the health and well-being of people recovering from drug and/or alcohol misuse through the provision of positive activities
2. Supporting people in recovery from drug and/or alcohol misuse to develop new skills
3. Promoting community and social inclusion by reducing stigma related to drug and/or alcohol misuse
4. Supporting the development of a sustainable and local recovery community

Constituted voluntary and community groups within the borough can apply for grants of between £5000 and £10,000 to support activity for a period of up to 12 months from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.

The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 11th June 2021.

For further information and a copy of the funding criteria / application form please contact: or

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