Funding for Projects that Help Young People Succeed in Adulthood

Funding for Projects that Help Young People Succeed in Adulthood

Comic Relief has announced the launch of its Future Lookin’ Good Youth (Safe Place To Be) programme. Working in partnership with The KFC Foundation the programme provides grants of £100,000 to £200,000 to proposals focused on young people aged 11 – 25 years old from groups under-served by current services.

Comic Relief will only consider funding proposals that clearly outline how they will support young people to succeed in adulthood. For example, by providing holistic support through mentoring or coaching, building life skills or improving young people’s ability to gain sustainable employment.

Proposals must clearly demonstrate how they will help young people build a positive future; building the skills necessary to live with dignity and be able to access basic housing and create a happy home in which they feel safe and secure. Proposals must also be working with one or more of the following priority groups:
• Young people experiencing homelessness or insecure housing
• Young offenders, ex-offenders and those at risk of offending
• Care leavers – The broad definition of a care leaver (as described by the Care Leavers Association) is “Any adult who spent time in care as a child (i.e. under the age of 18). Such care could be in foster care, residential care (mainly children’s homes), or other arrangements outside the immediate or extended family.”
• Young carers – The official definition of a young carer is ‘…a person under 18 who provides or intends to provide care for another person (of any age, except where that care is provided for payment, pursuant to a contract or as voluntary work).’ Children and Families Act 2014 Section 96.
• Young parents – defined as young women and men who became or will become parents at 21 years old or younger
Comic Relief want to make sure that young people are at the heart of the of the projects they fund.

To achieve this, Comic Relief aim to involve young people at as many stages of the decision-making process as possible. They are asking organisations to create a two to three-minute video about their project along with 250 words by Friday, 7th February 2020. Videos and proposals will be shortlisted by young people as well as Comic Relief staff.

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