Haden Hill Park – Landscape Challenge Invitation

Haden Hill Park – Landscape Challenge Invitation

The Art Yard is a proud supporter of Cradley Heath Creative and would like to invite you to take part in the landscape challenge as part of the annual Cradley Heath Arts festival.

The challenge will take place at Haden Hill Museum and park on the Sunday the 3rd June. All Artists working in all media, are invited to take part for what will be an exciting chance to meet other artists and experience painting “en plein air”.

Haden Hill Park is one of Sandwell’s best loved parks and Cradley Heath Creative is looking for your interpretations of what gets you engaged. Would that be its terraced views, the Victorian style gentleman’s home that extends from the original Tudor house, the gardens, the lake, the people and dogs that visit? Or is it something completely different?

Any work produced as a result of the event can be shown at a special exhibition at The Art Yard, between the 25th – 30th June.

You can find more information about this event and sign up for it by following the link below.








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