How to Enjoy Heritage From Home

How to Enjoy Heritage From Home

The Heritage Fund has put together a list of heritage-inspired activities you can do from home – they’ll be updating the list, so keep checking back to find new things.

They have been keeping an eye out for some of the wonderful heritage activities that you can do from home.

Many of their staff members will be taking part, often with families in tow, as we all find ourselves adapting to new ways of working. Please join in with them!

Share what you do on social media by using the hashtag #HeritageFromHome.

Be inspired by nature – inside and outside

They know that nature can be hugely beneficial to our wellbeing.

If you can’t go outdoors, then having greenery around your house is also positive for mind and body. Even images of nature can help to enhance your mood.

“Let’s support each other through these challenging times by sharing the beauty of nature and spring.”

Can you see natural heritage from your window? Do you have any house plants? Please share them with us! Let’s support each other through these challenging times by sharing the beauty of nature and spring.

Turn any outside space – including your windowsill – into a wildlife hotspot. We can all help make a big difference to the natural world. While we can’t go out to volunteer, here are some fun things to try at home.

Enjoy a peaceful moment with the Breakfast Birdwatch with the RSPB. From 8–9am every weekday, look out for nature outside your window – and share your sightings using #BreakfastBirdwatch. Follow them on Twitter: @Natures_Voice.

Why not brush up on your nature knowledge? Use your daily walk to identify birds and bees with Devon Wildlife Trust – and back at home make your own binoculars or mini nature reserve.

The live camera feed has been switched on at the Dyfi Osprey Project in anticipation of the majestic birds’ imminent return from migration – you can watch it below. Stay with the pair of ospreys that breed at Cors Dyfi as they reunite, hunt for fish and raise their chicks, before flying back off to west Africa in the autumn. Follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates.

To read the full Heritage Fund article click here.

Source: Heritage Fund

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