Is Skills-Based Volunteering a Good Fit for Your Charity?

Is Skills-Based Volunteering a Good Fit for Your Charity?

Charity Digital News examines what skills-based volunteering has to offer both charities and charity supporters.

In the past, they’ve written about the principles that drive a successful partnership between charities and corporations. Chief among these principles is the idea that both organisations must be driven by a common goal. Even if they may have disparate aims in other areas, successful partnerships focus on how both sides can contribute towards a shared endeavour. Both participants must gain something from the partnership. These kinds of collaborations have seen great results in the face of COVID-19.

This is also a good model for an increasingly common form of volunteering.

What is skills-based volunteering?
Skills-based volunteering allows qualified professionals to work for charities on a pro bono basis. A simple example might be a doctor lending their expertise to a medical charity in an advisory capacity.

This is particularly useful when it comes to charity digital operations. Many small charities may struggle to pay full-time staff or freelance contractors to perform specialised digital tasks or advise on longer-term digital strategy. It can be difficult to find the money to pay someone with the necessary skills.

But you may not have to. It is possible (perhaps even likely) that one of your supporters will have these skills and would be pleased to volunteer their time and expertise.

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Source: Charity Digital News

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