Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Directory of Social Change (DSC) explain if you’re a researcher in this sector, simplicity is the most powerful tool you have and you may be a wizard in the dark arts of complex statistics, or you may be one of the best in the world at creating beautiful charts and graphs, but if you can’t explain things in simple terms, then you have a problem.

Let’s face it, as researchers we’ve all committed the sin of writing like a researcher with jargon, acronyms and over complicating what we’re explaining. There are plenty of research reports around that are hard to read and boring; we don’t need any more.

For our research to have an impact, everyone needs to be able to understand it. Whether your work or research has helped people access grants that have changed lives or our reports are used to inform policies which make the case for funding programmes that affect real people. One of the most important things DSC would like to stress is work that we like to produce needs to be simple, clear and in an accessible way for everyone to understand.

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