Sandwell’s Voluntary and Community Sector is comprised of a vibrant and well-established mix of charitable and not-for-profit businesses, social enterprises, advocacy organisations, community and neighbourhood groups.

This diverse array of locally-rooted organisations expresses passion and commitment for Sandwell and its people across its many communities. The Sector adopts many different forms and functions and delivers a huge spectrum of activities and services to the people of Sandwell. Its cultural, ethnic, creed, age and need diversity reflects the mix of the borough as a whole.

Focusing on need rather than profit, the Sector meets the complex and pressing needs of communities that others don’t reach in ways which are invariably highly effective, flexible, compelling and innovative. Furthermore, much of its impact is thanks to thousands of volunteers who give their time and energy freely for others. The Sector also employs a significant workforce and brings much-needed funds into the borough.

SCVO its own database of voluntary and community organisations. The depth of information and search facilities enable us to provide up to date and information concerning the state of our Sector and its service provision.

SCVO’s database points to over 1,000 different organisations active in Sandwell. Of which:

  • Over 600 are local ‘stand-alone’ organisations operating in Sandwell and its vicinity only
  • Over 200 are registered charities
  • Over 350 are employers, between them employing more than 7,500 staff
  • Nearly 500 are reliant entirely on volunteers, with nearly 20,000 volunteers active in the borough.

As a key part of SCVO’s strategic role on behalf of the whole sector, SCVO regularly draws intelligence from its database and from other surveys it makes of local organisations. Some of these intelligence products and briefings can be found listed below:-