Maximising Volunteering Potential

Maximising Volunteering Potential

Whilst the number of people volunteering across the UK has stayed relatively stable over the last decade, there have been shifts in the way people volunteer and the way organisations think about volunteering.

So how do we start to maximise the volunteering potential of this generation?

A few ideas that can have an impact include:

•Tackling Ageism – People are healthier, active for longer and view themselves as younger for longer – only 6% of over 65’s view themselves as old. Organisations need to shift their perceptions of an ‘older’ volunteer force and remove age-based limits on the opportunities and services provided.

•Enabling and empowering talent – Enabling and empowering volunteers within an organisation to use their knowledge and life-long experience is a vital and highly underused resource by most organisations. Widening the roles available to volunteers at all levels and offering opportunities for them to use their valued skills is a good place to start.

•Engaging the middle ground – Studying the demographics of volunteers we know that most volunteers are at either end of the age spectrum, the shortfall is in the 45-64 age gap. How can we engage this group for the long-term to see them choosing to volunteer with us when they do reach retirement?

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