Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference Awareness Sessions

Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference Awareness Sessions

MARAC is the multi-agency response to high risk domestic abuse in the West Midlands, and stands for Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference. From January to April 2022, West Midlands MARAC will be hosting a series of online events which have been created in order to establish better connections with key sectors and improve their understanding of, and access to, the MARAC process.

It is absolutely necessary to ensure that families coming through the MARAC process are fully represented by services, regardless of their circumstances, and the only way for us to do this is to ensure that MARAC is better connected.

To achieve this, West Midlands Police will host a series of six sector-specific events which will offer new and existing partners, charities and services a window into the MARAC world, the opportunity to discuss how their organisation and provision can work with the police, and ultimately provide them with a seat at the table in shaping how we can improve representation and access to MARAC for all high-risk victims.  The sessions are designed so attendance is only required at one, rather than all six.

The associated sectors are as follows:

  • Community Organisations (including Grassroots, and ‘By and For’) Children’s and Youth
  • Male Victims and Gender Roles
  • Disability, Mental Health and Older Persons
  • LGBTQ+
  • Housing and Homelessness

If you can’t make the event specific to your sector, feel free to join any, where much of the content will be similarly informative and relevant.

Attendance at these virtual events is strongly encouraged for all individuals and organisations working in these areas.  The Police are particularly keen to see attendance from organisations who work with under-represented groups, regardless of the size of the organisation.

The Police will assist you with understanding the wider referral pathways available to you here in the West Midlands, with a focus on high risk disclosures and how the MARAC process works, better equipping you in the event of a disclosure.

Please see link to a selection of free MARAC awareness sessions, bookable via Eventbrite.

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