MW Fitness and Community Care

MW Fitness and Community Care

1.       Tell us what you do.
We are a health and wellbeing organisation specialising in mentoring for young people aged 5-19 years, addressing issues which affect emotional, mental, physical and behavioural wellbeing. We operate with a ‘no topic off-limits and no question unanswered’ policy. We do this through school assemblies, group workshops and one-to-one mentoring to address topics of modernity, societal and personal issues. Additionally, we support people with physical disabilities and injuries, including older people, to help them achieve their goals, increase their independence and maximise their potential through physical activity programmes.

 2.       What is your proudest achievement?
Having recently formed a partnership with St Michaels C of E school to deliver a Youth Violence and Knife Crime event under their 21ST Century Child initiative. With over 250 people attending including parents, students, other schools, organisations and professionals, the evening was a huge success with everyone leaving having learnt something. Part Two will be announced soon!

 3.     What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt about working with people in Sandwell?
The community of Sandwell is uniquely beautiful; there is a sense of unity, care and most importantly, of strength and diversity. This offers many opportunities to grow and develop opportunities within the area for residents e.g. employment, education, community contributions and health and well-being. We feel integrated in to the community and value our relationships in the local area. The multicultural richness and positive energy which radiates from the community is fabulous to be part of on a daily basis!

 4.     What are your plans for the future and some of the challenges you face?
The future for MW or what we call ‘The MW Movement’ is bright! We wish to support as many young people that we can to reach their potentials, increase the activity levels and confidence of older people, and to have a hub for the community to enjoy. We anticipate that this will be a place where everyone is welcome, where no-one gets marginalised and intergenerational communication is in abundance. Our continual challenge is being accessible to all ….. we would love nothing more than to provide our services across all of the Sandwell area, no matter the organisation, institution or community group!

 5.     How can SCVO help to support your organisation in the future?
We would like to develop regular, ongoing relationship with the SVCO to identify where MW could add value in the local community, compliment other services and agencies, with the hope of developing a permanent ’hub’ in the area.

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