New Fundraising Platform Offers 600% More On Donations from Purchases

New Fundraising Platform Offers 600% More On Donations from Purchases

A new online marketplace full of items that will generate a donation to a charity or good cause of the buyer’s choice has been announced.

The site – – which is expected to go live in February 2018, will be available to a wide range of organisations to use for fundraising, including charities, schools, societies, and Scouts, Guides and football clubs.

The marketplace will feature thousands of discounted items from toys to car insurance.

Kevin Turner from iBuy2Give says that the model is different to standard affiliate marketing platforms as the purchase happens on the iBuy2Give site, rather than on the retailer’s.

“We offer charities and good causes a proactive platform where we are not reliant on them marketing to their supporters, we will offer discounts and offers from major manufacturers, entertainment venues and national restaurants to bring supporters to them.
“We attract fees that are similar to those charged by eBay and Amazon as opposed to the lesser affiliate commissions. So we earn more per sale and therefore donate more”.

A promotional video for the site, fronted by TV presenter Chris Tarrant, explains: “Other sites that let you fundraise when a product is purchased send your supporters off to the retailer’s website and they get a smaller affiliate commission. But when you buy an item from our shop…we charge the retailer a fee which is comparable to those of eBay and Amazon. This means we can give you up to 600% more on every product sold”.

It is from this fee that iBuy2Give makes a donation to the good cause or charity chosen by the shopper.

To read the full Charity Digital News article click here.

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