New Guide Aims to Help Charities Navigate Through Change

New Guide Aims to Help Charities Navigate Through Change

A new guide has been published to help charities navigate their way through a time of unprecedented change, from new regulation and fundraising models to cyber-crime and digital innovation.

Ecclesiastical, insurer of more than 45,000 charities in the UK, has worked with partners including the Charity Finance Group (CFG) and New Philanthropy Capital (NPC), to produce the guide in response to concerns raised by charities about changes to the third sector landscape.

It brings together insight from Ecclesiastical’s own research with charities and NPC’s State of the Sector programme – research that began to explore the new ways in which charities are adapting to change in order to deliver the best results for the people they help. The guide shares best practice and advice on how to manage risks in the sector, from governance and funding to GDPR and cyber security. You can read it here.

David Britton, charity director at Ecclesiastical, said: “Our work with key industry bodies, third sector groups and our customers has given us invaluable insight into the challenges and opportunities the charity sector faces today and that are looming on the horizon.

“In 2017, we were delighted to support NPC’s State of the Sector programme, which showed how much more innovative charities are becoming in their fundraising. Many are also exploring new models and ways to engage in a challenging financial climate; a world in which it is vital to have a positive attitude to risk.

“We’ve seen this reflected in our own research too. The insight we’ve gleaned helps not only to shape our products but to develop our specialist market knowledge and hone our expertise.”

Ecclesiastical’s most recent charity survey revealed the top 10 risks that charities are concerned about as they head into 2018:
1.Funding 84%
2.Impact of Government changes 72%
3.Reputational risk 66%
4.GDPR/data protection 65%
5.Cyber/internet crime 63%
6.Grant providers 62%
7.Employer liability 53%
8.Exposure to social media 51%
9.Increased focus on governance 45%
10.Impact of Brexit 44%

Lucy de Las Casas, Head of Policy and External Affairs at NPC, said: “Our State of the Sector programme underlined how charities are transforming in response to a changing environment with continued focus on collaboration, transparency, digital technology and a new attitude to risk.

“If the sector is to step up to these challenges and make the most of opportunities, leaders will need to think very carefully about the risks involved. That’s why we’re happy to support Ecclesiastical’s white paper, which looks at how to address these risks and help give charities the confidence to deliver the most impactful results in a changing climate.”

Source: Charity Digital News

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