New Ways to Volunteer

New Ways to Volunteer

Some things never change. Volunteering, as always, is simply giving time for no monetary reward. Not everyone can do everything, as they say, but everyone can do something.

Over time, there has been a shift in the way people choose to volunteer. Many people used to volunteer to fill their time in a general way, and many still do. But, there’s a definite trend towards volunteers who are passionate about a particular cause they want to serve.

Many people are also volunteering for specific experiences or rewards rather than taking a general approach to volunteering. Volunteers are also tending to use their time differently; some people are more likely to give their time to volunteering in bite sized chunks rather than a longer-term commitment.

As a result, many organisations are now considering promoting activities that reflect these new ways of volunteering. Volunteering does not mean, for example, joining an organisation or society. Volunteering can be as simple as helping out a friend or neighbour with prescriptions, mowing a lawn, doing the shopping or simply dropping in for a chat.

However you choose to volunteer, the effects are almost always positive. If just one person does a good thing, others are inspired to follow. It makes a positive difference to the community in which you live.

To find out more about what you can do – and you might surprise yourself – contact the Volunteer Centre Sandwell. After 40 years they are still making a difference.

Volunteering in the Digital Age
Technology has transformed all our lives. Digital technology and communications such as the internet, have had have a massive effect. So, it should be no surprise that it has had an impact on volunteering too.

Volunteer Centre Sandwell see more and more traffic on its social media sites – such as Twitter, but the technology can also help volunteers to work differently. Many people work from home, volunteering their time to be available on the phone, to befriend people or to provide advice and guidance. If you have new volunteering opportunities, contact the Centre o 0121 544 8326 or visit the website

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