Omega’s Postcards from the Past

Omega’s Postcards from the Past

Omega, the National Association for End of Life Care, new project, Postcards from the Past, is aimed at engaging mostly with care homes, but is open to anyone who receives little or no personal correspondence.

The charity’s large bank of volunteer pen pals will send regular, friendly postcards which will help to trigger memories, put smiles on faces and help people know there is someone thinking about them. Pen pals will also be encouraged to send birthday and other appropriate greeting cards such as Christmas cards and for some, this may be the only card they receive.

The service is fully safeguarded and from of charge. There is no obligation to reply if people feel unable. If anyone would like to reply, Omega can send any stationery they may need.

To apply for the service, please contact a or call 01743 245 088.

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