‘Out There’ new fostering film launched

‘Out There’ new fostering film launched

Sandwell Children’s Trust have launched a new fostering film with an official online event hosted by the Fostering Network.

Out There’ is the latest joint production with other fostering services around the country, which started as a West Midlands’ initiative and is now spreading nationwide.

‘Out There’ is being supported by 34 local councils and Trusts, from Northumberland to Brighton, and Sandwell is proud to have been one of the originators of the project that’s also produced ‘Giants’ and ‘There Was A Boy’, both of which were shortlisted for national awards.

So far, the Sandwell version of ‘Out There’ has reached over 11,000 people on social media and made its debut at the Hawthorns in front of 24,870 fans at West Brom’s derby game against Birmingham City.

All of which is great news. Now the hope is to get some new recruits to join Sandwell’s fostering family from ‘Out There’.

But you can help too – if you’re on Facebook or Twitter, please ‘like’ and ‘share’ the film, which you’ll find pinned at the top of our timelines.

You can also find out more about fostering, by visiting the Sandwell Children’s Trust website here https://www.sandwellchildrenstrust.org

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