Planning Your Project – Part 4

Planning Your Project – Part 4

top tips light bulbContinuing on from last week’s e-bulletin here is your next two tips to planning your project.

5. Target your project
You need to ensure that those participating as part of your project are those who need the project the most.

It might help you to think about the following questions:

• How will you advertise or promote your project to reach your target group: where can you best place information so that it gets to them? Will you use other organisations or agencies such as schools or health visitors to distribute information?
• Will you look for referrals from other voluntary organisations, such as schools, community groups or youth clubs?
• Are you planning to use a venue which your target group can easily get to?
• Are you planning to run the project at the best and most suitable time for the people you want to reach?
• If you are charging fees, are they affordable?
• Have you done all that’s possible to ensure that disabled individuals can access your project?
• How will you ensure that the individuals who could benefit from your project have the opportunity to attend?
6. Involvement of children and young people.

Have you consulted with the target audience themselves?

It is a very good idea to get them involved in the planning – ask them what they need, what kind of services they want to see, when they would like them to run, which kinds of equipment would be most used and valued.

Wherever possible, you should also involve participants in the running, development and management of projects. In this way you will be able to plan a project that your target audience want and will be likely to feel ownership of. This will increase its effectiveness.

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