Planning Your Project – Part 7

Planning Your Project – Part 7

planningThat’s all folks! In this week’s e-bulletin we bring to a close our tips and hints on how to plan your projects. We trust you have found this series of e-bulletin articles useful.

FINALLY: Start applying for funding!
Once you have fully thought through and planned your project then you will be in a good position to start sourcing funding.

When making funding applications it’s always a good idea to read the guidelines that each funder produces.

Planning Checklist:
• Remember always to keep your focus on your target audience – think about the differences you want to make that will improve their lives.
• Identify how you will do this: what activities and services will you provide to best help you achieve these differences?
• Involve participants in the planning – they are the best people to tell you what they need
• Think about how your project fits with and complements any services that are already running in your area that might be addressing the same need
• Think about the resources you will need – such as staff time, equipment and materials
• Plan the timing of the project – how much time will it take to plan, prepare for and carry out what you need to do?
• Think about who will be responsible for the running of the project and the individual activities within it. This is the basis of your plan
• Think about how you will monitor whether your project is making the difference you set out to achieve
• Carefully cost your budget
• Read funders’ guidelines before applying for funding

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