Poll Results – West Midlands Combined Authority Mayor

Poll Results – West Midlands Combined Authority Mayor

Following the recent election of Conservative candidate Andy Street to the post of West Midlands Combined Authority Mayor, we posed the question, “is this a good thing for the voluntary and community sector?”

Well, the results are in and are as follows:

The clear majority of respondents suggested ‘don’t know’ as their response, which could suggest all sorts of things e.g. lack of information/understanding about the role of the WMCA Mayor, lack of information/understanding of Andy Street’s campaign manifesto, part of the significant majority who didn’t vote – the turnout across the seven area that make up the region was just 26.68%

So how can we (the voluntary and community sector), as stakeholders in the Combined Authority Area, hold the Mayor to account?

The independent, non-partisan think tank, Centre for Cities, has produced a very useful tool called the ‘West Midlands Mayor’s Dashboard’. It’s a tool for the mayor, and stakeholders in the combined authority area, to monitor performance on priority issues in the local economy. The tool plots performance against the national average and is updated on a regular basis so that progress can be continually tracked.

So, whatever your thoughts might be as to the role of the WMCA Mayor, we now have an online tool that helps us monitor its effectiveness on an ongoing basis.

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