Rebranding of Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust

Rebranding of Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust

Did you know Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust has rebranded as Ibstock Enovert Trust?

This change is taking place because the company which donates the landfill tax credits distributed by the Trust, Cory Environmental Resource Management Limited, has recently rebranded itself as Enovert, following the sale of Cory Environmental’s landfill, green energy and anaerobic digestion business in January 2017. As Enovert is now independent of Cory Environmental, it needed a new identity to differentiate it and provide clarity in the marketplace.

The Trust’s new name and logo acknowledges the change in ownership and rebrand of Enovert, whilst also retaining the Ibstock name, which represents Enovert’s strategic relationship with Ibstock Brick Limited at its landfill sites in South Gloucestershire (Shortwood), Sevenoaks (Greatness) and Dudley (Himley).

The Trust’s existing funding programme will be unaffected and Ibstock Enovert Trust will continue to support community and environmental improvement projects through the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). The Trust provides funding to projects that are based within 10 miles of the landfill sites in South Gloucestershire, Sevenoaks and Dudley.

For more information about Ibstock Enovert Trust, and details of how to apply for Trust funding, please visit our new website, or email

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