Risk Insight: Risk Assessments for Local Community Organisations

Risk Insight: Risk Assessments for Local Community Organisations

As many local councils, charities and not-for-profit organisations begin to re-open their indoor and outdoor facilities, there is an increasing emphasis on decisions being made based on local risks. A risk assessment can help with the decision-making process, ensuring that risks have been identified and appropriate mitigating actions have been taken.

We have produced a risk insight to help you consider how to manage risks associated with Covid-19, as well as conventional work and service-related risks. The risk insight details each step of the risk management process, explains what information you should make publicly available and provides a list of useful resources.

Click here to download Risk Insight: Risk assessments for local community organisations

Please note that this intended to provide generic guidance only, to help you identify what may need to be considered when completing risk assessments for your local community organisation. Please continue to refer to all government, regulatory and legislative guidance to ensure your organisation’s continued compliance with regulatory obligations.

Click here to download Zurich’s Risk Insight – Risk assessments for local community organisations.

Source: Zurich

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