Rough Sleeper Provisions Survey

Rough Sleeper Provisions Survey

Sandwell Council are reviewing all provision for rough sleepers across the borough to understand what additional provision may be needed and to understand how our developing model can integrate with existing services and support. We are looking at the whole end to end system and are focused on intervening at the earliest opportunity with a holistic offer of support.

Sandwell Council are working with partners to develop a multi-agency network through the Sandwell Homeless Forum, which your response will directly feed into and help shape future decisions, in particular future service development and commissioning decisions. The information we collect will be compared against the demand data we hold for each person which focuses on the real issues to solve and not just meeting immediate housing or essential needs. This will allow us to understand the gaps.

The aims of this exercise are:
• To be better equipped to effectively signpost individuals to support, services and provisions
• To build better networks and relationships with, and across, wider community organisations
• To better shape future provisions by identifying current needs and gaps
• To enable SMBC to better support organisations across the borough

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