Sandwell Early Help Innovation Fund

Sandwell Early Help Innovation Fund

Pound NotesApplications are now OPEN for the Sandwell Early Help Innovation Fund.

The purpose of the Fund is to enable local voluntary groups and not-for-profit /charitable organisations to deliver preventative community-based interventions for children and families in Sandwell. The Fund aims to capitalise on the local know-how and expertise, flexibility, reach and trust that VCS organisations have with Sandwell residents to deliver positive outcomes for children and families that leave them more capable, self-confident, resilient and safe.

The Fund is inviting community organisations, (new/emerging or already established), to take new and creative approaches to working with people towards the outcomes of the Early Help Strategy. This Strategy sets out the need for change to ensure that all local children’s services, working together, are identifying and responding to those issues and needs faced by families in Sandwell that affect their ability to thrive. It states “the basis of our strategy is that the earlier we can provide help for these children and families, the earlier they can thrive and enjoy success; the later we provide this support, the fewer chances children have of living a fulfilled and happy life.”

You can download the application form (in either Word or pdf) and guidance notes below – please ensure you have read the guidance notes before completing your application. We will be posting a list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ below and updating these as and when any further ones are raised – but please contact Stuart Ashmore at SCVO (0121 525 1127 or with any questions you may have that are not addressed in either the guidance notes or FAQs.


Application Form (Word format)
Application Form (pdf format)
Guidance Notes

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I apply for more than one grant per round? ‘Yes’, provided that each application is for a distinctly different project / activity. The Grant Panel would also wish to distribute the available funds as widely as possible and will take into consideration the number of different applicants when considering awards.

2. Can I apply for grants in each of the three proposed funding rounds? See answer to Question 1.

3. We’re a new organisation that’s in our first year of operation so we don’t have any financial information / audited accounts – can we still apply for a grant? ‘Yes’, but we’ll need to see your Business / Operating / Activity plan together with up-to-date income/expenditure details for your activities.

4. What sort of projects / activities will you fund? The funding is being offered for projects that are able to deliver the outputs and outcomes detailed in the guidance notes – we don’t want to be too prescriptive as to what this might look like so that applicants are free to be creative in their approach.

5. How much money is available in each round? The initial indication of the availability across the rounds is as follows: Round 1 – £50,000 / Round 2: £75,000 / Round 3: £75,000. However, this will be reviewed in light of demand and may be subject to alteration.

6. If my application is rejected in one round can I re-apply in another round? ‘Yes’, provided you have addressed the feedback given by the Panel regarding your original rejection.

7. If funding is fully allocated in a round, but our application merits further consideration, will it automatically be carried forward to the next round? In the event of such a situation arising, the Panel will communicate with affected applicants in order to agree an acceptable outcome/solution.

8. What methods of outcome measurement are acceptable? Given the varied nature of potential project delivery and the wide variety of available outcome measurement tools, the Panel does not wish to be prescriptive in stipulating a single method of outcome measurement. The grant applicant will need to demonstrate that their chosen measurement method/tool is appropriate/relevant for their proposed delivery.

9. When will we know the outcome of our application? The grant Timeline is detailed in the Guidance Notes – section (v).

10. This is the first time we have applied for grant funding – are you able to help us complete the application form? ‘Yes’, we can help you with guidance regarding completion of the form but we can’t ‘do it for you’.

11. Will I get feedback if my application is rejected? ‘Yes’, the Panel is keen to ensure that unsuccessful applicants receive constructive feedback regarding their applications so that they may be able to submit revised applications in subsequent rounds.

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