Sandwell Prevent Team – Canada Attack

Sandwell Prevent Team – Canada Attack

The Sandwell Prevent Team writes, “We are getting in contact due to the awful attack in London, Ontario, Canada where 4 people from the same family sadly died with another family member injured.  Sadly, this attack on the 6th June involved using a truck, a short distance from the city’s oldest mosque, and was targeted on the Muslim family.  Our thoughts are with the victims and the victim’s family member, the wider family and the community.  We know that this awful attack will have an effect on many of us, especially our Muslim community, their loved ones and the wider community.”

As always, the Sandwell Prevent Team want to offer their support to anyone affected.  If you are aware of any colleagues, friends or communities who need support please contact any of the Prevent Team.  If you have been affected in any way by a terrorist attack, emotional and practical support is available here – Support for Victims of Terrorism – Information on where to seek advice and assistance following a terrorist attack. (

Please be vigilant of any concerns related to this attack and let the Prevent Team know.  There could be a lot of talk and discussion on online platforms and social media, so please ensure children and the vulnerable are keeping safe online.  If you need any advice, guidance or resources on online safety, please contact Justin Nixon – or 07790396643.

Below, you’ll find some useful information, websites and resources that are used in educational settings.  If you would like any further advice, guidance or support, please speak to Justin (above).

Educate Against Hate

The following briefs and frameworks from the PSHE Association contain guidance on discussing a terrorist attack for primary and secondary schools and provides opportunities to process what has happened in the safety of a classroom.



Advice: please read

Reassure your staff/beneficiaries – this attack can undoubtedly be really unsettling for members of staff and your beneficiaries. Try and reassure them that the chances for any member of the public to be caught up in a terrorist attack continue to be low.

Discourage staff/beneficiaries from the sharing of video footage and imagery from the attack or from sharing the attackers name – terrorists aim is to gain notoriety for themselves and their unspeakable acts of violence by traumatising communities and spreading fear and a hate-filled ideology. Not sharing such content is taking a stand against terrorism.

Do not speculate – only use facts and reliable sources of information when explaining the incident and be clear on what is not yet known to avoid false rumours from spreading.

Address and challenge possible blame culture – no child, young person or individual should be made to feel isolated or like they have to ‘defend their community’ as a result of such a hateful act. Terrorists want to divide communities through their acts of violence. Focusing on a message of love and unity will undermine their efforts.

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