SCVO COVID-19 Response Funding Now Open for Applications.

SCVO COVID-19 Response Funding Now Open for Applications.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on voluntary and community groups and the communities they support, and will continue to have far-reaching consequences going forward. Many of the ways in which groups have tackled the issues of loneliness, social isolation, healthy living and developing community resilience within their communities have changed significantly, some have ceased/been suspended, others have been adapted to make greater use of technology – but tackling these challenges remains a high priority both now and in the future.

Through its portfolio of funding, SCVO is pleased to announce the following Grant Programmes, which are now open for applications:

  • Vision 2030 Community Grants: COVID-19 Response Fund (summary of grants available)
    • Direct project delivery costs (for projects with a start date within 2 months of approval): Min £500 – Max £5,000
    • Capacity Building (NOT direct delivery costs): Min £500 – Max £2,500
  • EPIC: COVID-19 Response Fund (summary of grants available)
    • Project Delivery (medium-term project delivery; up to 12 months in duration): Min £500 – Max £10,000
    • Project Delivery (medium/long-term project delivery; up to 24 months in duration): Min £10,001 – Max £40,000

PLEASE NOTE: it is an integral part of the application process to discuss your project ideas/proposals with SCVO Community Partnerships Coach PRIOR to submission of an application – you can email: or




Vision 2030 sets out the ambitions towards making Sandwell (in 2030) a thriving, optimistic and resilient community. Central to this vision is the message of closer partnership working between all sectors and communities across the borough. The aspiration is for Sandwell (now and in the future) to be where we call home and where we’re proud to belong – where we choose to bring up our families, where we feel safe and cared for, enjoying good health, rewarding work, feeling connected and valued in our neighbourhoods and communities, confident in the future, and benefiting fully from a revitalised West Midlands.

SCVO is delivering this grant programme, on behalf of and in partnership with Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, to enable voluntary and community groups to deliver activities in Sandwell, and to Sandwell residents.

This round of funding seeks to support organisations in two key areas:

A)  Direct delivery costs – for projects that can be delivered now i.e. that can be started within (approx.) 1-2 months of receiving approval, and that are informed by the experiences of the pandemic e.g. developing or expanding the reach of services, delivering new services to new audiences, delivering services by alternative means and that support one of the following themes:

      • Building Social Connections (tackling loneliness/social isolation)
      • Youth Activities (tackling loneliness/social isolation amongst young people)
      • Healthy Lifestyles (promoting/supporting healthy living)

B)  Capacity Building i.e. NOT direct delivery costs – Additionally, we recognise that adaptations or new approaches of service delivery bring additional (or unplanned) costs, not directly related to delivery e.g. staff costs etc. but rather in those ‘back office’ areas like software licences, additional IT hardware (directly related to delivery), increased volunteer expenses and that many of these costs may have been met from reserves due to reductions in other income streams.

Paperwork for the programme is available below – applications for Round 2 can now be made. Closing date for applications is 12 noon on Monday, 1st June 2020.

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EPIC COVID-19 Response is part of an innovative 5-year partnership with the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation that focuses on activity that will build greater long-term resilience within Sandwell’s communities at grassroots level. The purpose of the EPIC (Enabling People In Communities) Grant Programme is to enable local voluntary and community organisations to access grants, to support the following broad outcomes:

    • Increased resilience within communities
    • Increased self-reliance
    • Improved and stronger relationships within the community
    • Residents are involved in the design and delivery of activities that make a positive change in their communities
    • Asset and strengths based.

Given that the key focus of the overall programme is that of building ‘greater long-term resilience within Sandwell’s communities at grassroots level’, for this next round of EPIC funding we are particularly interested to receive applications that have a specific focus on the following themes and that are shaped by the learnings and experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, how have services needed to adapt in order to provide support? What might communities need to learn/be upskilled in to make them better able to respond to / cope with future challenges?

Paperwork for the programme is available below – applications for Round 3 can now be made. Closing date for applications up to £10,000 is 12 noon on Monday, 1st June 2020.

Closing date for applications over £10,000 is 12 noon on Monday, 8th June 2020.

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